Plugin Suggestions


There are many Plugins and Widgets available for WordPress that offer advanced functionality. Some are good, and some not so good.

One thing to remember when adding Plugins or add-ons is that often,  every one you add can cause slower loading times for your pages and website, so when you test out your site, check it out from the standpoint of loading times too.

Another thing, when choosing a Plugin or Widget and you’re looking at evaluations, remember 5 stars doesn’t always mean it’s a great plugin. If there was only one or two reviews, they could have been from the author of the Plugin. The more reviews of a product, the better.

What is a Plugin?

more to come…

Suggested Plugins:

One I highly recommend is for the basic page editor in Pages and Posts. It’s called “TinyMCE Advanced“. It can make it easier to format text, add images, add tables, etc.

I am reviewing and trying others.