CSL WordPress Designs

The colors you see are what each page will have.

The Header area, where the Center’s name is has a specific image size which must be swapped out with your own and the text on the right side must be changed within a file in the CSS section. For that there is a tutorial.

Or I can make these changes for you for a fee. I can also install the theme on your WordPress enabled hosting.

Here are the available designs. If you click on them they will take you to a full size image representation of the site.

The original working site design is here. or  http://positivimage.com/csl-green.

Pricing for the Templates and other features is available [HERE].

Below is the Green Variation on the WordPress Theme. It is the same as the full working model above.



Below is the Blue Variation from the Branding.



Below is the Purple Variation of the Branding. 



Below is a modified Purple Variation of the Branding in which I have made the menu the deeper purple of the of the sidebar headers and made the sidebar headers red. I find this to be a much richer, less subdued version of the Purple Branding Template.



Below is a modified Red-Orange variation of the Branding Template.