CSL Template Pricing

The pricing below is for the template: any of those listed on the preceding pages.

Should you change your mind about the color, I would be happy send you one in a different color scheme. I will email that to you as a zip file and you would install on your WordPress enabled  hosting account.


Theme Pricing and Extras
Basic Theme in zip format required for WordPress install $50.00
Create Logo for header and include in theme in zip format $25.00
Change Center info as per your instructions and include in theme in zip format $25.00
Instruction in the use of WordPress /per hour in 30 min. increments. $30.00
Please Check out the website for suggestions of plugins to use for additional functionality beyond what is offered with the basic Template.

I will be making available in MS Word format tutorials on doing some of the things above that I offer as a paid option. Most are advanced concepts requiring you to go into the coding. They are not for the faint of heart.